Gia Vuc - Ba Vi 2010

This page has been brought to you thanks to Capt Ed Garr who has been to Gia Vuc several times during 2009/10. 
Gia Vuc since the Vietnam war has been renamed twice, 
quite unsure why, but we understand this is a "Revolution Thing"!
 The first time as Go Van and the second and final time as Ba Vi

Ed went twice there with regard to the preparation of a film/documentary on Marine air support during a VC/NVA attack on  Gia Vuc A-camp on the 19th of March 1967. The film director is the son of a Marine Phantom back seater involved in the air support on that day.

Local VC, NVA and Montagnards involved in the firefight were interviewed. 

A few more details on the attack is on the "19 March 1967" web page, see link on your left

Overlooking Gia Vuc.jpg SF CAMP BA VI-GIA VUC.jpg SF GIA VUC.jpg
West of GIA VUC BA VI.jpg SF AF North.jpg SF AF South.jpg
Leaving BA VI Gia Vuc.jpg    

Photo taken with an ex local VC during one of the trips to Gia Vuc

From Left to right: Ed, VC, Brian  and Bobby


"Almost all of our former auxiliary grass strips were changed into roads because they were straight and 
went some where.

The area is very much under populated with little or no small pleasures/entertainment other then the locals getting drunk on home made vodka and enjoying illegal cock fights."

Ed's Marine Battalion Operated just a little east and North of Gia Vuc in Jan 66.
Ed was based in Dec 65 in Mo Duc and Jan 66 in Duc Pho

Info and photos thanks to USMC Capt Ed Garr (04/09/2015)



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