MAT I-62, 
Tu Nghia District, 
I Corps
Republic of Vietnam

I was with MAT I-62 in Tu Nghia District, got there in August, 70. My boss was the bearded one, Mr. Gove. My MAT team moved out east of the city along the river, at an RF/PF outpost in Tu Binh Village.  My counterpart, Dai Uy H.., one tough old guy told me he fought with the Viet Minh against the French, then sided with America. Dai Uy H.. was older than the rest of us, but not old looking, no facial hair for an elder. For sure, he was in command of his area of the district, nobody screwed with him, friend or enemy. He seemed to know personally many on both sides. I and I think everyone on my MAT team felt secure with him and his RF company. His wife and two children lived on the outpost. Yeah, the outpost was built in the old French triangle, funny, that Dai Uy would be on such an outpost when he fought against the French. I attached a photo of the area from the air. Once in awhile we would get civilians coming in for the evening, when reports of enemy was reported. All in black pajamas, sort of scary on who was friendly and who was not. Well, he helped keep us safe at Tu Binh.  I had a good MAT team made up of three senior NCOs, 2-Trung Si's, 1-Bac Si, and a sharp Trung Uy, 1st LT. Our RF unit was 1/38/DP, and  we were on the road from QN to the junk base and scenic fishing village, I believe called Co Luy (1). There was one more RF unit as I recall a bit east of us, then a number of PF units scattered around in the hamlets.

I was on the outpost for 8 months, then Gove kicked me up to province where I took over the S2 job till leaving in July. I stayed at Kramer during my S2 work. (Today, Kramer Compound is gone, the road from where the compound used to be going towards the airport has been much improved. A bypass road of QL#1 coming into the city now goes around to the east with a new bridge over the river. The old bridge is still there).  One of my final duties was pay officer for the province so I traveled all over the province and got to see all the mtn districts.

Day Uy Darrell Mudd 1970-71

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Ken Gove himself getting ready to join us on a chopper v.r. with his flower shirt, beer and a Swedish K. (great weapon that some spooks got for him). Really looks like a tourist!

Tu Nghia The Bearded One1.jpg
1lt Dick Logan  (black officer) and Gove (bearded) at Tu Nghia. 3rd guy, back to us, unknown 
Gove was an interesting fellow, what a sight when first seeing him, a beard down to his waist almost, black pajamas, sandals. He knew his stuff! 
Tu Nghia Playboy Club1.jpg
Co Van compound at Tu Nghia, district HQ (complete with the Playboy Club sign on the gate) Nearest jeep was our newly acquired MAT team jeep, others belonged to district folks. 1lt Dick Logan DIOCC is in the photo
Tu Nghia Flooding1.jpg

Tu Nghia flood, Sept/Oct, 1970

Tu Binh Outpost1.jpg
Aerial of RF outpost at 
Tu Binh village, along the Song Tra Khuc River in Quang Ngai province, where MAT I-62 was located
Tu Binh MAT Team1.jpg
Tu Binh MAT team, from left, Lt Hunt-Asst, Sgt Waite-Medic, SFC Maene- Lt Wpn, Cpt Mudd, SFC Jenkins-Hvy Wpns
Tu Binh Finished Hooch and Outpost1.jpg
Photo showing the interior of the outpost
 (reading "Cold War Burning," you will catch a glimpse of life in 70-71 for five Mat team's Americans)
Tu Binh Finished Hooch1.jpg
Close up of our hooch, outhouse is on the right rear of photo. We built our team hooch, big enough for six beds, one bed for our Vietnamese interpreter, a kitchen room and underground bunker for ammo and radios, and a two seater outhouse. We showered/bathed via a two-bucket method
Tu Binh Front Entrance1.jpg
Tu Binh outpost, on left is our MAT team jeep, 1/4 is RF vehicle. The RF folks had loaded up a whole bunch of sandbags for our hooch, unloading and placement was taking place

Tu Binh Outpost Kids1.jpg
Tu Binh Hooch with outpost kids, we gave to the local kids, writing paper and pencils we all used for letters sent back home

PSDF Training1.jpg
My area of the district was everything east of QL#1 and once in awhile we'd do some work on the western side. We worked a lot with the PSDF groups, giving them trng on WWII weapons, M1, Carbines and BAR's. They all were asking for oil and ammo, could never get either thru their supply chain.

USO Show at Kramer Stage1.jpg

USO show at Kramer compound 
Quang Ngai 

Mai/June 1971

USO Show at Kramer Audience1.jpg
Standing up calling in the world. Bad guys must have been pretty far away or we had just gotten lax. Lol. Gove finally got rid of the flowers that day. That's me on the horn and to the far right is Major H.. and one of his Aspirants.

Gove along with T... T. H.. on another flight. They look happy, so we must have made it back from checking out the mountain trails. We didn't go too far out there with PF's on the ground.

Copy (2) of scan00241.jpg
It's the junk base we talked about. The Island just south of the base was called the Hourglass because of its shape. Bad guys hung out there all the time and nobody would set foot on it - they said beaucoup VC and booby traps/mines. We tried everything including tons of arty, sniffer/gunship teams and even had a Navy guy fire in the USS New Jersey on it. Never knew results if any. One of our disappointments.

Please note, Vietnamese names have been omitted on purpose

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