Utility Uniform OG-107


 Note the Vietnamese made Cowboy hat in Duck Hunter pattern,
(see my headgear page)

Photo of SSG David . Klehn, A-113, Gia Vuc 1965 in utility uniform

The Army's utility uniform was the authorised work and  field uniform in Vietnam 
and the principal duty uniform until October 1967 when it was officially replaced by the Tropical jungle uniform.

The uniform consisted of utility shirt and trousers in cotton sateen Olive Green army shade 107, the shirt was usually worn tucked into the trousers which made it uncomfortable in the hot environment of Vietnam. During the years the shirt had slight modifications in the numbers of buttons as well as the shape of the chest pockets but the trousers remained unchanged. A lightweight utility uniform made of  poplin (like the tropical uniform) appeared around 1969 in small quantities.

Vietnam War display
at the 1995 Shoreham by Sea Air show,
7th SFGA , A-729 SSG Gia Vuc 1963

Uniform Description

This mannequin is showing a "typical" 1963 uniform as worn by A-729 Team members. The Famous Green Beret with the 7th SFGA flash, a fully badged utility Uniform (1st pattern), a WWII pistol belt and M1911 A1 auto pistol in a brown M1916 holster, with a twin cell mag pouch and 1st pattern tropical boots (Vibram sole). This fully badged type of uniform was mainly worn in the camp or during inspections. (As to uniforms, we were issued green jungle fatigues. Some had camos made on their own when the went in to town and may have worn them on the patrols. No common style or pattern, what ever design struck their fancy... Bob Carels A-729)



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