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2009 Teamhouse

This Gia Vuc and Ha Thanh tribute display is in the memory of 

MSG Tadeusz Sosniak, 
Burlington, ON, 
B Co, 5th SF Group

PFC Richard E. Traster, 
McMinnville, OR, 
C Co, 5th SF Group 

who lost their life during the rocket attack of the 30th of August 1968.  
See link:
Aug 68 direct hit

 The Ha Thanh 2009 Teamhouse was brought to life during 
the War and Peace Military vehicle show 
at Beltring, Kent, South of  England. 


The Display: represent the corner of the South/East wall from Ha Thanh teamhouse circa 1969/70
and was about 8 by 4 foot square showing two A-104 team members; one on radio watch 
and the other relaxing at one of the tables. 
This was inspired by the photo below  

1st Lt Howard G Anders , HA THANH XO

The display was hosted in the "Rolling Thunder, the Vietnam experience" platoon tent 
with other Vietnam displays build by some of my friends. 
The tent was in semi darkness to create an atmosphere, hide the imperfections and plunge 
the public into a different self contained world: Vietnam. 

All uniforms and military equipment showed are genuine period items 
out of my collection and a special sound track was made with 
genuine Vietnam radio traffic and 60's music.

For more photos and information on the display
Go to 
2009 Ha Thanh Team House webpage

Short film made of the 2009 Team house, 
make sure you have your loudspeaker volume turned on.

This film has been presented to you with the co-operation of www.sfrvn.net and www.specialforcesbooks.com



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