Welcome to www.gia-vuc.com a website created to honour 
US Special forces soldiers and their counter parts who served at Gia Vuc A camp in South Vietnam. 
Since its first day in the winter of 1997, the Gia Vuc website has become one of the best historical documentation 
on the US Special Forces involvement in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam . 
Gia Vuc  no longer just present the history of its own camp but does also include a very large website on one of its sister camp: Ha Thanh 
webpages on many MAT team camps and a well studied section on the First Indochina war and the French GCMA

The Gia Vuc and Ha Thanh websites and all its sub websites have been created with help from its Veterans 
who are an integral part of the Gia Vuc website success.
If you did serve at any of the camps and have not made contact yet, 
please drop us an e-mail as some of your buddies are waiting to be re-united with you and history await your contribution.
You can use the Google search bar below to find any "specifics! in the Gia Vuc website.

Gia Vuc

This is the original website created in 1997 by myself to pay my own tribute to a forgotten
A-camp and it USSF team members. 
Back in 97 this was only a few pages strong but with the help, stories and photos from many members of its A-teams, this has now grown to a quite unique record of the look and life of an A-camp in the mountains of the I CORPS of South Vietnam.

Ha Thanh

This part of the website was started in 2008 
and is a study of one of Gia Vuc sister 
A-camp: Ha Thanh. 
This has also has been build with full support of its team members.
You will find  photos and a lot of information on the camp and life of its A-team.
The study is similar to the one done on Gia Vuc with photos and stories from its team members.

French Indochina

This is for many an unknown part of the Vietnam wars history. The French fought the first Indochina war from 1945 to 1954 and this part of the website will bring you an insight into it.
You will find pages on French Special Forces which assumed similar missions to the CIDG program and SOG as well as a short study of the battle of Dien Bien Phu and French forces.

A photographic web-boolk from SFC Loyd Little
A-113 Senior Medic, Gia Vuc 1965


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December 13
New "Cinema Room" webpage where you will view films taken in 1966, access from the Gia Vuc left hand navigation link buttons on the Gia Vuc page..

Also Christmas stories page is back during the Festive season!

April  13 More photos and info on 1969 Gia Vuc Turnover thanks to Bill Aschenbach
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the difficult days ahead"



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